Farmer’s Market

I recently went to our summer farmer’s market and picked up a massive punnet of locally grown cherries and cherry juice.  What better to do with them than to make cakes (other than eat them!).

So I made cherry cupcakes which incorporated the fresh cherries and the juice into the sponge. These went to work and were all eaten in the space of a day.

So fragrant


With the leftover cherry syrup I made a mini cherry upside down sponge.


Gingerbread House

om nom


Well for my first ever attempt at making both a gingerbread house and royal icing it didn’t go too badly. I have learnt that you need plenty of gingerbread and that royal icing has to be so thick that a pallet knife can almost stand up in it.

I decorated it with green and red m&ms, smarties and haribo starmix. The marshmallows are loft insulation because there’s a gap in the roof heh.

Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas

I made my own stollen again this year and it really turned out well. It certainly takes effort to make and planning but it is so worth it. Much better than any you can buy in stores.  Here it is sliced and toasted slightly.

Happy Halloween!

For my halloween cake this year I found a really interesting coffin-shaped cake pan on ebay. I couldn’t resist. Inside it is chocolate and raspberry marbled pound cake. The cake is covered in fondant that I coloured gray then brushed over cocoa powder so that it looked like fallen earth on top.  The lily on top I made by hand from fondant again. The gravestones are actually made of chocolate chip shortbread.



Some ghostly sponge cakes I baked at my grandparent’s house. My grandfather’s birthday is on halloween but since I wasn’t staying for that long I made these a little early.

We’re painting the roses red…

This was the cake I made for halloween, inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  It took at least seven hours to complete it all. It’s a red velvet cake with cherry filling. It’s covered with marshmallow icing and the decorations were made by hand out of fondant.

I think for a first try, the roses turned out really well.

That cake was so moist, it lasted for days.

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