Farmer’s Market

I recently went to our summer farmer’s market and picked up a massive punnet of locally grown cherries and cherry juice.  What better to do with them than to make cakes (other than eat them!).

So I made cherry cupcakes which incorporated the fresh cherries and the juice into the sponge. These went to work and were all eaten in the space of a day.

So fragrant


With the leftover cherry syrup I made a mini cherry upside down sponge.


Baking Bonanza

My mum and I had the house to ourselves so I took the opportunity to make us an afternoon tea from scratch.

I made a miniature victoria sponge:

I ❤ my tiny pedestal

A selection of scones:

And sticky cinnamon buns:

So gooey!

The finger sandwiches were cucumber and pastrami, it all went down fantastically with a large pot of tea.

Spiced Apple Cake

Innards shot!

I had a lot of left over cooking apples from some apple cookies I had made (and forgotten to photograph -.-) so I needed to find away to use them up. I came across this recipe from the Good Food website and I have to say it’s the best apple cake i’ve ever tasted. It was gooey and rich in the center whilst still having a light crust to it. Definitely a recipe to make again.


Dense and chewy dark chocolate & raspberry brownies, absolutely delicious and a real hit at work.

Not-Quite Heaven

My first attempt at an angels food cake with a banoffee filling. It was definitely very fluffy and slightly chewy.  With all of the left over egg yolks I made coffee ice cream. (Can you tell we really like coffee in my house?  heh)

Sinful Devil’s Food Cake

Wickedly Rich

A lusciously rich and chocolate-y devil’s food cake covered with chocolate glace icing &  a tiny chubby fondant devil on top.  A big chunk is missing because someone couldn’t wait until I’d taken the photo.

Coffee & Walnut Cake

A coffee and walnut cake with a thick coffee buttercream icing and topped with G&B’s dark chocolate.  I made this for my Granddad because this is his favourite type of cake.

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