The Spelt Experiment

I bought some spelt flour to experiment baking with since I kept hearing how good it was for you. I’d never baked with spelt flour before and was quite pleased that it had a recipe for cookies on the back of packaging.  I thought that this would make for a pretty good first try and what do you know; they turned out delicious.  They’re honey & cinnamon spelt cookies with oats and raisins. They contained no processed sugar, no eggs and no butter but were still amazing!


Royal Chocolate Chip Cookies

These are the chocolate chip shortbread cookies that I was asked to make by a colleague at work. He was having a royal wedding celebration with his friends and asked if I would make something for the occasion. This is what I came up with.

Fresh Strawberry&Chocolate Cookies

These cookies were a little softer because of the moisture of the strawberries but still had a good texture to them. The dark chocolate chunks worked really well along side the strawberries but that’s no surprise. I thought the white chocolate stars on the top just looked really cute.

Pink Cookies

I’ve had trouble with cookie recipes in the past but these ones seemed to work out perfectly. Double chocolate & Strawberry flavour with macadamia nuts.

24th January 2010 Peanut Cookies

Sat in front of Jack Skellington's head