Moorings Eaterie Carrot Cake

Sadly forgettable

I visited Moorings eaterie whilst I was up at my grandad and decided to try their carrot cake. What it had in quantity (two slices on top of each other!) it sadly lacked in quality. It was overly sweet and it had quite a sickly icing.  Plus too many raisins which made it taste more like a fruit cake than a carrot cake.  Even with all of that it wasn’t unpleasant to eat with it being well spiced and having  plenty of nuts.  It was just rather forgettable.


Glutton and Glee Carrot Cake

Just below M&S

This carrot cake was from the new( Well I never knew until today) cafe Glutton and Glee.  It was a little dry but it might have been out a while. It had lots of chopped nuts in making it taste very nutty. Very strong cinnamon taste too. It had raisins in which was a nice touch along with a lot of carrot. Downsides were that the icing was just too sweet and thick. You can see the solid layer on it in the photo. The icing was really strange it tasted like milk or sweetened condensed milk.

So an average cake but well priced and alright if you leave most the icing (like I did).

Continental Cafe Carrot Cake

Unfortunately this was not a good carrot cake. It was dry (possibly from being in the cooler), it tasted of more than an hint of orange and the thick icing was too greasy for my liking. A below average carrot cake but by no means the worst I’ve had.

Esquires Coffee House Carrot Cake


We don’t have a lot of Esquires in the area I live; which is a terrible shame if this is anything to go by. For such a large slice of cake it was very well priced and absolutely delicious.  It was spongy, not cold at all and you could really taste the cinnamon. It had visible pieces of carrot in it as well as the nuts. The only downside is the overly-sweet icing on the cake. But other than that it is definitely ranking in my top three.

Cafe Rappor Bar Carrot Cake

Not Bad

I tried this cake in the cafe rappor bar on the high street where my grandfather lives.  You can tell that someone has made this themselves and that’s good. But it was too cold and dry for my tastes.  It was dense, definitely tasted of cinnamon and had very nice icing though. Easily two steps above Muffin Break’s effort.

Muffin Break Carrot Cake


Hungry for carrot cake? AVOID Muffin Break. It was cold, greasy and bland. Easily the worst i’ve had in town so far. The icing was really strange as well. It didn’t seem like a cream cheese icing which is traditional. I don’t know if it was just a bad piece but I certainly won’t be having it again to see.

Starbucks Carrot Cake

Sorry, most of the carrot cake was eaten before I took the photo heh. But it just goes to show how nice it is. It was a really good texture  and well spiced. It wasn’t over iced or too sickly. The only problem I had with it is that because of the way they store it, it was slightly dry.