Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

I was asked by a colleague at work if I could make her a very special cake for a very special occasion. It was to have a Wizard of Oz theme since that was her favourite movie.  So away I went and after much planning and discussion this was the result:

Toto has a little witches’ hat on, there’s a broomstick on the other side of the yellow brick road and it is of course topped with ruby slippers.

I hope that she loved her cake and that she had a fantastic day.



Farmer’s Market

I recently went to our summer farmer’s market and picked up a massive punnet of locally grown cherries and cherry juice.  What better to do with them than to make cakes (other than eat them!).

So I made cherry cupcakes which incorporated the fresh cherries and the juice into the sponge. These went to work and were all eaten in the space of a day.

So fragrant


With the leftover cherry syrup I made a mini cherry upside down sponge.