The Spelt Experiment

I bought some spelt flour to experiment baking with since I kept hearing how good it was for you. I’d never baked with spelt flour before and was quite pleased that it had a recipe for cookies on the back of packaging.  I thought that this would make for a pretty good first try and what do you know; they turned out delicious.  They’re honey & cinnamon spelt cookies with oats and raisins. They contained no processed sugar, no eggs and no butter but were still amazing!


Spiced Apple Cake

Innards shot!

I had a lot of left over cooking apples from some apple cookies I had made (and forgotten to photograph -.-) so I needed to find away to use them up. I came across this recipe from the Good Food website and I have to say it’s the best apple cake i’ve ever tasted. It was gooey and rich in the center whilst still having a light crust to it. Definitely a recipe to make again.