Happy Halloween!

For my halloween cake this year I found a really interesting coffin-shaped cake pan on ebay. I couldn’t resist. Inside it is chocolate and raspberry marbled pound cake. The cake is covered in fondant that I coloured gray then brushed over cocoa powder so that it looked like fallen earth on top.  The lily on top I made by hand from fondant again. The gravestones are actually made of chocolate chip shortbread.




Some ghostly sponge cakes I baked at my grandparent’s house. My grandfather’s birthday is on halloween but since I wasn’t staying for that long I made these a little early.

Esquires Coffee House Carrot Cake


We don’t have a lot of Esquires in the area I live; which is a terrible shame if this is anything to go by. For such a large slice of cake it was very well priced and absolutely delicious.  It was spongy, not cold at all and you could really taste the cinnamon. It had visible pieces of carrot in it as well as the nuts. The only downside is the overly-sweet icing on the cake. But other than that it is definitely ranking in my top three.

Cafe Rappor Bar Carrot Cake

Not Bad

I tried this cake in the cafe rappor bar on the high street where my grandfather lives.  You can tell that someone has made this themselves and that’s good. But it was too cold and dry for my tastes.  It was dense, definitely tasted of cinnamon and had very nice icing though. Easily two steps above Muffin Break’s effort.