24th January 2010 Peanut Cookies

Sat in front of Jack Skellington's head


All My Cthulhu’s In A Row

Aren't they cute?

Some delicious vanilla and chocolate layered cupcakes. Made with a Cthulhu theme especially for one of my friends. The more you eat of it the darker the inside gets.

A close up

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

In honour of the simply massive amounts of snow we (and the rest of the country) have received in the past week, I made these.  Hot cocoa cupcakes with vanilla marshmallow icing and topped with mini chocolate stars.

The Devil’s Muffins

As titled, these are the devil’s muffins. Chilli-Chocolate buttermilk muffins with vanilla buttercream icing and bursting candy skulls.

We’re painting the roses red…

This was the cake I made for halloween, inspired by Alice in Wonderland.  It took at least seven hours to complete it all. It’s a red velvet cake with cherry filling. It’s covered with marshmallow icing and the decorations were made by hand out of fondant.

I think for a first try, the roses turned out really well.

That cake was so moist, it lasted for days.

Cherry Delight

Cherry cupcakes with morello cherry glaze.

Mmm, Skulls

Ginger cupcakes with chewy bursting skulls on top.