Somewhere Over The Rainbow…

I was asked by a colleague at work if I could make her a very special cake for a very special occasion. It was to have a Wizard of Oz theme since that was her favourite movie.  So away I went and after much planning and discussion this was the result:

Toto has a little witches’ hat on, there’s a broomstick on the other side of the yellow brick road and it is of course topped with ruby slippers.

I hope that she loved her cake and that she had a fantastic day.



Farmer’s Market

I recently went to our summer farmer’s market and picked up a massive punnet of locally grown cherries and cherry juice.  What better to do with them than to make cakes (other than eat them!).

So I made cherry cupcakes which incorporated the fresh cherries and the juice into the sponge. These went to work and were all eaten in the space of a day.

So fragrant


With the leftover cherry syrup I made a mini cherry upside down sponge.

Baking Bonanza

My mum and I had the house to ourselves so I took the opportunity to make us an afternoon tea from scratch.

I made a miniature victoria sponge:

I ❤ my tiny pedestal

A selection of scones:

And sticky cinnamon buns:

So gooey!

The finger sandwiches were cucumber and pastrami, it all went down fantastically with a large pot of tea.

Moorings Eaterie Carrot Cake

Sadly forgettable

I visited Moorings eaterie whilst I was up at my grandad and decided to try their carrot cake. What it had in quantity (two slices on top of each other!) it sadly lacked in quality. It was overly sweet and it had quite a sickly icing.  Plus too many raisins which made it taste more like a fruit cake than a carrot cake.  Even with all of that it wasn’t unpleasant to eat with it being well spiced and having  plenty of nuts.  It was just rather forgettable.

Rum Baba

Whilst I was up visiting my granddad the subject of rum babas came up one day. After a lengthy trawl of all the local supermarkets that came up with nothing I was directed into making them from scratch. These were yeasted rum babas from a Something For The Weekend recipe. They rose far more than we expected leaving us with monster sized rum babas. They were absolutely delicious but slightly dry. Next time we will make them much smaller and prepare double the amount of sugar syrup.

The Spelt Experiment

I bought some spelt flour to experiment baking with since I kept hearing how good it was for you. I’d never baked with spelt flour before and was quite pleased that it had a recipe for cookies on the back of packaging.  I thought that this would make for a pretty good first try and what do you know; they turned out delicious.  They’re honey & cinnamon spelt cookies with oats and raisins. They contained no processed sugar, no eggs and no butter but were still amazing!

Spiced Apple Cake

Innards shot!

I had a lot of left over cooking apples from some apple cookies I had made (and forgotten to photograph -.-) so I needed to find away to use them up. I came across this recipe from the Good Food website and I have to say it’s the best apple cake i’ve ever tasted. It was gooey and rich in the center whilst still having a light crust to it. Definitely a recipe to make again.